Event (of Object)

class Event

Defined in System.sc.

The Event class is one of the most widely used classes in SCI games. It is used to find out if the user has given input.

Event types:

Event type Description
evNULL A null event
evMOUSEBUTTON A mouse button press event
evMOUSERELEASE A mouse button press event
evKEYBOARD A keyboard event
evJOYSTICK A joystick event
evMOUSEKEYBOARD A mouse button press or keyboard event
evALL_EVENTS Check for all events

The following event types also exist, but are not generated by the Event class itself. These events are manufactured by the game code instead of directly caused by the user.

  • evVERB
  • evMOVE
  • evHELP

Event message:

The event message property is used mainly for keyboard events, where it contains the keycode.

The event modifiers property can contain any of the following flags for keyboard events:

  • emSHIFT
  • emCTRL
  • emALT
  • emSCR_LOCK
  • emNUM_LOCK
  • emINSERT

For mouse events, the following flags may be set in modifiers:



Inherited from Object:

Property Description

Defined in Event:

Property Description
type evKEYBOARD, evMOUSEBUTTON, etc...
message The key or mouse button that was pressed.
modifiers emSHIFT, emCTRL or any of the other em* defines.
y The x for mouse events.
x The y for mouse events.
claimed Has the event been claimed?



Creates a new instance of the Event class. It then fills its properties accordingly with the lastest event information information. If eventType is specified, it retreives the event(s) specified by it. Otherwise, it retrieves all events. Finally, it returns a pointer to itself.


Brings the event into the current port’s local coordinates.