Text Editor


The text editor shows a list of all the text resources. It’s operation is very basic. Text resources are accessed in code by their module (room number) and index. They are mainly interesting in SCI0, as most in-game text in SCI1.1 has been replaced by Messages.

To print text entry number 10 in text resource 1 in the game, you can use the following code

Print(1 10)

Texts offer a few advantages to including text strings directly in source code:

  • using them will reduce the size of your compiled scripts. Heap space (where the scripts live) is at a premium in SCI0.
  • it would make it easier for someone to translate your game, as they can just modify the text resources and not have to touch the scripts.

Adding a new entry

To add a new piece of text, click on the Click to add new text message at the bottom of the list, and type in the text.

Deleting an entry

To delete text, click on the number to the left of the entry, and press DELETE.

Editing an entry

To edit text, just click on it and type

Moving entries around

To move an entry with respect to the others, click on the number to the left of the text, and then click on the Move up or Move down buttons.

Tabs and carriage returns

Use \t and \n to enter tabs and carriage returns into the text