SCICompanion is a fully-featured development environment that lets you view, modify, and create games that run on Sierra On-Line’s SCI engine. The same engine used for the King’s Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and more.

It follows in the footsteps of SCI Studio (by Brian Provinciano) but provides a more complete and streamlined workflow, and full support for VGA games.



Among the improvements over SCI Studio are:

  • Integrated sound resource support.
  • Much easier-to-use picture and view editors.
  • Full support for 256-color SCI 1.1 VGA games, including digital audio, speech and lip-syncing.
  • Superior image importing functionality.
  • A decompiler that can nearly reconstruct the original source code of these classic games.
  • A much more powerful script editor, with autocomplete and symbol navigation.
  • Support for browsing and extracting resources from 640x480 SCI 2.0 games.

System Requirements

SCICompanion should work on Windows XP and above.


This IDE was inspired by the original SCI Studio by Brian Provinciano. It also leverages much technical expertise from the ScummVM project, and those involved in the SCI support in ScummVM, such as Lars Skovlund. And of course, the very dedicated community at sciprogramming.com: cloudee, MusicallyInspired, Collector, Kawa, OmerMor and others.