NewWindow (Kernel)

NewWindow(x y width height title flags priority forecolor backcolor)

Draws a new window on the screen with the specified properties and returns the structure’s address.

  • x (number) – Left side of the window.
  • y (number) – Top of the window.
  • width (number) – Width of the window.
  • height (number) – Height of the window.
  • flags (number) – Flags that specify how the window is to be drawn. See below.
  • priority (number) – Specifies if the window should be drawn above or below other windows. The higher the priority, the more visible it will be. With a priority of zero, it may be completely covered by other windows. To make sure your window is visible, you can use nwON_TOP as the priority.
  • foreColor (number) – Specifies the foreground color for the window. It is used for text, buttons, etc...
  • backColor (number) – Specifies the background color for the window.

Window flags:

Flag Description
nwNORMAL The window will be drawn with a border.
nwTRANSPARENT The window will not have a border, background color, or titlebar.
nwNOFRAME The window will be drawn without a border.
nwTRANSPARENT_NOFRAME The window will be drawn without a border and a transparent body.
nwTITLE The window will be drawn with a titlebar and border.
nwNODRAW The window will not be drawn.


(= oldPort (GetPort))
; Draw a white window at 50, 20 with a width of 200 100, a title, and a black foreground.
(= hWnd NewWindow
        50 20 250 120
        "Test Window"

(SetPort hWnd)
(Display "Hello in the hWnd window!")
(SetPort oldPort)
(Display "Hello in the oldPort!")
(DisposeWindow hWnd)