GetMenu (Kernel)

GetMenu(menuItem subFunction [params...])

Get a menu item’s properties. Following the menuItem parameter, you can specify what property you would like to obtain with a subFunction parameter.

  • menuItem (number) – A menu item identifier, e.g. $0302 for the second item in the third menu.
  • subFunction (number) – One of smMENU_SAID, smMENU_TEXT, smMENU_SHORTCUTKEY, smMENU_ENABLE.


; Retrieve the said string for an item.
(= theSaid (GetMenu $202 smMENU_SAID))

; Get the menu item's text.
(Print (GetMenu $202 smMENU_TEXT))

; Get the menu item's shortcut key.
(= theKey (GetMenu $202 smMENU_SHORTCUTKEY))

; Tell if a menu item is enabled.
(if (SetMenu $202 smMENU_ENABLE)
   (Print "The item is enabled!")