CreateNewPolygon (

CreateNewPolygon(polyBuffer [nextPolyOptional])

Creates a new polygon object.

  • polyBuffer (heapPtr) – An array with polygon points.
  • nextPolyOptional (heapPtr) – An optional pointer that receives the position of the next polygon in the buffer.

Example usage:

(aRock setOnMeCheck: omcPOLYGON (CreateNewPolygon @P_Rock))

The array consists of the following:

  • A number expressing the type of the polygon (e.g. PBarredAccess).
  • A number indicating how many points are in the polygon.
  • (x y) pairs of numbers for each point.


[P_Rock 10] = [PContainedAccess 4 319 189 319 50 0 50 0 189]

See also: Polygons.