SCICompanion allows the include keyword to be used to include header files (file suffix .sh). Header files can contain define keywords, and other include keywords.

An example header file:

; Example Header
(define rsVIEW    $80)
(define rsPIC     $81)
(define rsSCRIPT  $82)
(define rsTEXT    $83)
(define rsSOUND   $84)
(define rsMEMORY  $85)
(define rsVOCAB   $86)
(define rsFONT    $87)
(define rsCURSOR  $88)
(define rsPATCH   $89)

Including it:


You can also enclose the filename in quotes if you want:

(include "")

Message files and polygon files

In the SCI1.1 template game, message files (*.shm) and polygon files (*.shp) can also be included:

(include 110.shp)
(include 110.shm)

In this case, support for defining local variables in include files was added. This is needed for polygon definitions:

; 110.shp -- Produced by SCI Companion
; This file should only be edited with the SCI Companion polygon editor

        [P_Default110 11] = [1 PContainedAccess 4 319 189 319 50 0 50 0 189]

At compile time, a script that includes .sh files that have local variables defined in them will have those local variables added to the script.